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One of the Gili islands wrecks: the Glenn Nusa I

Shadow on the wreck of Gili T

There are two wrecks in the Gili Islands dive sites :

  • Bounty wreck – The wreck located at this dive site is not a ship. It is an abandoned barge sank in the early 2000s,
  • Glenn Nusa I – This is a new ship wreck. This tug boat named Glenn Nusa I was sunk in February 2016.
Glenn nusa in 2016
after sinking

The Glenn Nusa I is the subject of this article (with also a movie at the end of this post). The ship wreck is very recent, it is a new dive site and the dives are very interesting.

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Glenn Nusa I is an old tugboat. This ship was sunk voluntarily to create a new artificial reef for the marine life.

Future wreck
before sinking

The wreck now lying on the sandy bottom, approximately 30 meters deep at the west of Gili Trawangan. Due to the depth and the sandy bottom without corals, the ship wreck is exposed to currents.

A new dive site

The wreck is located at the north of Shark Point dive site, west of Gili Trawangan.

This site is suitable for divers holding at least an Advanced open water certification allowing to dive up to 30 meters.

It is accessible only if the current is not too strong. With strong current, it is impossible to reach or stay on the wreck.

Upon arriving the dive site, we will check the current to decide whether a wreck dive is possible. If the current is too strong, the dive is done at Shark Point instead.

Once the wreck is found after descending into the blue. We explore the ship wreck, it is possible dive around the wreck.

The general rule of the center, explained during the briefing, is to leave the wreck at least 10 minutes before the no-deco time. Thus, we have time to reach the shallow area and continue diving, depending on the remaining air of each divers.

If you decide to stay longer, it means a shorter dive which is usually less than 40 minutes. Safety stop is done in the blue as the shallow area is not close by.

So, one of the dive sites to do if you:

Information: extra charge

Gili Trawangan is the farthest island, therefore, there is an extra charge of RP75,000 per diver for a dive trip there. During the same boat trip, we will try to dive twice in these farthest dive sites whenever possible to compensate the extra charge.

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