Dive center, PADI 5 star in Lombok – Gili islands

PADI Adventure dive(s) in Gili-Lombok

Each PADI Adventure Dive course consist of one dive and student diver have to meet the performance requirements which vary according to the selected adventure dive (wreck, deep, night, navigation…).
Each PADI Adventure scuba dive can be credited as the first dive of the corresponding PADI’s Specialty diver course.
For example, your Deep adventure dive qualify you to dive up to 30m. That will be counted as the first dive out of the four dives towards the Deep Diver specialty.
With deep diver specialty, you can dive up to 40m deep.

Include in your PADI Adventure dive

chemical of a wreck

One Dive

Knowledge review

Equipment rental


One dive

Each adventure dive course has 1 dive (except Nitrox – diving is optional).
You will apply the knowledge and discover the underwater world of Gili islands.

diving with a green turtle
head of a shark


Before each adventure dive, you have to complete the respective knowledge development and knowledge review questions. There isn’t examination, the instructor will go throw the answers and explain the requirement of the dive.

Equipment rental

All is included, the basic diving equipment and those required by the corresponding adventure dive (diving computer, compass, torch…).

nice coral and bounty wreck


At the end your adventure course, the PADI instructor will present you your adventure dive certification.

With Terumbu Divers get a discount if you continue your Adventure dive with the corresponding PADI Specialty Diver course

List of specialty dives available in Terumbu Divers :

  • Fish Identification,
  • Drift Diving,
  • Night Diving,
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy,
  • Search and Recovery,
  • Underwater photography,
  • Wreck diving.

Pre-requisite for diving

  • Certified as PADI Open Water Diver (or certification from other dive organizations are acceptable),
  • Minimum age depends on the requirement of each individial Adventure dive,
  • Fill-in the PADI forms include a medical statement.