Dive center, PADI 5 star in Lombok – Gili islands

PADI Rescue diver course

Learn how to identity and prevent problems. Demonstrate the ability to perform self-rescue, learn how to handle various types of diving incidents and provide rescue aid.

Rescue Diver course includes:

training rescue

Ten rescue exercises

  • Tired diver
  • Panicked diver
  • Respond from shore, boat or dock (responsive diver)
  • Distressed diver underwater
  • Missing Diver
  • Surfacing the unresponsive diver
  • Unresponsive diver at the surface
  • Exiting the unresponsive diver
  • First aid for pressure-related injuries and oxygen administration
  • Response from shore/boat to unresponsive non breathing diver at the surface

Two rescue scenarios

  • 1 – unresponsive diver underwater
  • 2 – unresponsive diver on the surface


Rescue PADI certification


  • be 12 years old,
  • be PADI (Junior) Adventure Diver (or holding similar certification obtained from another organization),
  • completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care training and valid within 24 months,
  • PADI forms (medical statement…).

EFR Primary and Secondary Care training may be completed with rescue diver course.