Rates for diving in Gili islands – Lombok

-15% all diving activities with a pre booking for diving from 1st Nov-20th Dec and 6th-20th Jan 2020.

Our diving rates are listed in tables:

Our prices for diving and accommodation combo or single day dive trip available in these pages:

All prices not include:

  • Entry ticket to the marine area : Rp100,000 per diver, one time paiement
  • +45,000 per diving trip for diving around Gili Trawangan, the further island
  • if you need transport to join us.

Price of recreational dives (fun dives) for certified divers

Fun DivesPrice in RupiahPrivate guide*
2 dives – 1 day1,050,0002,395,000
4 dives – 2 days1,899,0004,355,000
6 dives – 3 days2,745,0005,990,000
more/after course:
each 2 dives

Discount : less 90,000 per day, if you have your own complete equipment (fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, BCD, regulator, dive computer).

*Private guide/instructor: DISCOUNT of 40% if you are 2 or more.

Introduction dives – Discover Scuba Diving

ActivityPrice in RupiahPrivate instructor*
Pool + 1 dive950,0002,190,000

PADI Diving courses rates

945,000Rp if you do the PADI eLearning and using our dive center number, 6226, before coming.

Available for the courses with **

PADI CoursesRupiahPrivate instructor*
Scuba Diver** + 1 FREE extra dive (total 3 dives)4,000,0007,950,000
Open Water** + 1 FREE extra dive (total 5 dives)5,990,00010,995,000
Adventure dive + 1 FREE extra dive (total 2 dives)1,390,0002,895,000
Advanced** + 1 FREE extra dive (total 6 dives)4,990,0009,990,000
Rescue Diver**5,990,00011,990,000
EFR + Rescue Diver**7,475,00014,975,000
Divemaster** (exclude PADI fees)14,000,000

Discount: less 1,000,000 for the Divemaster, if you have your own complete equipment (fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, BCD, regulator, SMB, dive computer).

Specialties courses prices

ActivityRupiahPrivate instructor*
Deep dive4,975,0009,590,000
Wreck dive4,975,0009,590,000
Night dive4,545,0008,690,000
Drift dive3,775,0008,090,000
Peak Performance buoyancy3,775,0008,090,000
Search and recovery5,975,000 11,595,000

Rent a Private boat for diving around the Gili

To rent one boat the price is:

  • Low season, Rp2,500,000 per trip plus the price of the dives.
  • High season (July, August and Christmas to New year period), Rp3,000,000 per trip plus the price of the dives.