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Open Water Diver – Level 1 diving course

If you love the sun, sea, nature and adventure, scuba diving is a perfect way to experience new sensations and discover the underwater world.
Level 1 or Open Water Diver is a full entry level certification you will receive upon completing the entire Open Water Diver course.
Therefore with the Open Water Diver certification, you are eligible to dive independently within your training and experience to a depth of 18 meters accompanied a buddy.

Include in your Open water course

Open Water Diver - Level 1 diving course

Pool session

4 sea dives

Theory and exams

Rental of diving gear


Pool training

Your PADI dive instructor will explain and teach you 24 skills:

  • discover how to breathe underwater,
  • the usage, cleaning and maintenance of the equipment,
  • buoyancy control, dive independently with your buddy,
  • prevent and manage problems.
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meeting a turtle

4 sea dives

The course is 4 dives.
The maximum depth for the first two dives is 12 meters and 18 meters for the last dives. However under the age of 12 years old, maximum depth is limited to 12 meters for all your dives.
During the course dives, you will discover the wonders of aquatic life and demonstrate the diving skills.


The theory consists of: on-line manual with quiz.

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head of green turtle

Rental of diving equipment

Tank, regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, shorty, BCD, weights and belt are included.


Price includes the registration and on-line certification card.
The Level 1 or Open Water Diver certification is recognized worldwide including recreational diving center operating under other diving agency.

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To register for Open Water Diver course, you must :

  • Age 10 years old
  • Diver age 10 to 11 years old is limited to maximum of 12 meters and must dive with a parent/guardian or a Professional.
  • Furthermore, diver age 10 – 14 years old earn a “Junior Open Water Divers” certification (PADI eLearning program requires a minimum age of 13 years old, in accordance with the international laws of internet protection).

Please note that you are:

  • required to fill a medical statement and if there is any positive response to any of the medical questions, you have to consult a doctor.
  • or have a medical certificate less than 1 year old.