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Scuba dive sites of Gili islands

diving sites map of gili islands

Discover the best scuba diving in Gili Islands with Terumbu Divers. There are more than 20 dive sites for you to explore, from shallow to deep dives, slopes, steep wall, drifts, night or wreck dives.

Fan and green turtle


All levels

North of Gili Trawangan, a very easy and relaxing site. The reef is shallow, starts from 6m to 15m. Usually, mild drift along the small wall of 2m to 3m of coral, enjoying the rich marine life and sea fan. Surgeon fish, turtles, shrimps, snappers, damsel fish, anemone fish, fairy basslets, lion fish, scorpion fish, grouper, trigger fish are commonly seen there. Sometimes you can spot an octopus, lobster, sea snake and even reef shark.


Deep Halik


Situated at the north of Gili Trawangan, the underwater hills are in parallel to the coast. The hills are covered with corals and sea whips, wide varieties of fishes, sting ray and possible sighting of reef shark.
The top of the hill starts from 25m and slopping down to more than 30m.
Due to the depth of the site, the reef is very well preserved. Often you can spot enormous green turtle hanging out around the hills.

blue coral and turtle

Sunset Point

All levels

Located on the south of Gili Trawangan. This is a gentle sloping plateau, covered with hard and soft coral, including the famous beautiful blue coral. Turtles, sharks (Blacktip and whitetip), cuttlefish, sting ray, bat fish, moray eel, barracuda and many other species make this dive site one of the most sought dive site in the Gili islands.
From October to March, sometimes surprise sighting of manta ray or mobulas will make you feel unbelievable lucky.

whitetip reef shark in Lombok

Shark Point

All levels

Name of the dive site implies that it is possibly to come across sharks on this site. It is a slope covered with soft and hard corals starting from 6m to 13m. Followed by underwater hills with coral blocks till 20m deep. Shark point is located on the west coast of Gili Trawangan.
Besides sharks, you can almost be sure to see numerous green and hawksbill turtles, especially the impressive large green turtles. Sometimes, school of humphead parrot fish, snappers, jacks or bat fish will surround you and become part of their own specie.

lutjan and diver

Shallow Turbo


North-east of Gili Trawangan, the dive site has 2 parts.
A shallow slope with nice underwater boomies. Around 25m, a sandy bottom with many nice small hills.
There are many turtles, different fish species and sometimes eagle rays.

wreck ship

Glenn Nusa II

Advanced or Wreck specialty

Our newest dive sites, the boat was sunk in March 2016. The wreck is a tug boat named “Glenn Nusa II”, she was sunk to create an artificial reef for marine life on a sandy bottom where there are no coral reefs. The wreck is sitting at 30m deep, measuring 18 meters long. Due to the flat sandy bottom, the ship wreck is exposed to strong currents, therefore, may not be accessible when the current is very strong.
It is possible to penetrate the wreck with a Wreck Specialty certification.

Hawskbill sea turtle

Meno slope

All levels

Meno slope is located on the west of Gili Meno. Like its name, it is a gentle slope starting from 5 meters to 30 meters. Sandy slope with coral blocks. Usually both green turtles and hawksbill turtles can be seen easily.
It is common to see some scorpion fish, moray eel, nudibranches. Sometimes, it’s a surprise to see rhinopias, frog fish, leaf scorpion fish, stone fish or eagle ray.

3 giant green turtles

Turtle city

All levels

This hidden underwater little hill located at northeast of Gili Meno. The summit is about 8 m deep and the base of the hill is 30 meters deep. On top of the hill or around the hill, it is common to find many green turtles. It’s a turtle paradise and you will be amazed by the number of turtles you can see at one time.
It’s like you are swimming in an aquarium with school of fusiliers, jacks, damsel fish, mackerel. You can find a statue of Marlin fish on the hill top and often the turtle uses the statue to clean their back.
Sometimes, the current can be very strong and it is difficult to swim to the hill. In this case, the diving is done on the slope of Gili Meno beside the hill.


Meno Wall

All levels

This dive site consists 2 small walls of corals. The walls are located at the north-west of Gili Meno. The first wall is 18 meters deep and the second wall goes down to 24 meters. You will dive along a wall of hanging corals, anemones with clown fishes, school of snappers, sweetlips, sea fans, angel fish, scorpion fish, shrimp, turtles and nudibranches. Occasionally, an eagle ray or some Humphead Parrotfish will surprise you.