Dive center, PADI 5 star in Lombok – Gili islands

Jarvie: a new staff

New staff in Pantai Sire

Cycling is one of my favourite things to do when I am not diving.

Since we have moved our operation to Sire beach-Lombok, I have been cycling regularly around Sire area almost every day. The serenity, greeneries, untouched beautiful and quiet beaches are what I love during my cycling trip. Not to mention, just a few motorbikes or sometimes a passing car are just what I see along the way.

Rice field in Lombok

The meeting

29 March 2019, on this particular day, I was cycling to the beach to check on our diving boats when something caught my eyes. I was turning into a narrow road towards the beach and I saw a puppy barely 2 months old.
The puppy seemed to be in a bad condition, because it couldn’t move away fast when I was approaching on my cycle.

It was easy to catch the puppy and it had:

  • open wounds on his back, one big, some small
  • left hind leg was tied with a string
  • no blood was sighted

Without hesitation, I brought it home with me. Here are some facts about the dogs in Lombok.

Puppy in Lombok

Dogs in Lombok

There are many dogs in Lombok. They are half-wild. They live near the inhabited area where they can find food.

They are afraid of humans. They ran away quickly if we go close to them.

All are similar, medium size. They are beige, brown and sometimes with some dark spots.

Jarvie is playing with other dogs

Medical care

We treated the wounds which were full of maggots then showered and fed the puppy.
We checked the puppy and it is a female.
The maggots continued to surface everyday for a few days and we tried to remove as many as possible.
The healing process was slow and always many maggots.

Finally, 3 days later, we used insecticide (she didn’t like, she ran everywhere to all corners of the house, it should be painful), it was very effective :

  • the maggots stopped
  • begin of cicatrization
  • a splint to her leg (so she couldn’t move her wounded leg too much)

We try to keep her and everything as clean as possible, gave her abundance of food so she eats well and to recover from her wound.

Dog is sleeping

Four months later

After four months, we are happy to announce that she has recovered well and grown bigger. My friend’s son named her Jarvie. Jarvie is now a healthy and playful dog, full of energy and ready to play. Her eyes are full of live and love compared to the day when I met her.

Puppy sleeping

She is free to go out for an adventure anytime. She played often with the ‘wild’ dogs around the area. During the night, she sleeps outside near the door on a cushion.

We are happy that she managed to survive (she is a strong fighter too!) and she is part of the team now.