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Boat service with a surprise in January 2019

Not the good place after a storm

In January 2019, one of our diving boat, Terumbu was dry docked on the beach for an annual overhaul and we had an unpleasant surprise at the end.

Why an annual overhaul ?

All the locals boats need regular maintenance (one time per year) to ensure that the boats are in good operating condition. The goals of an annual overhaul are:

  • reinforce the bottom, the boats are docked on the beach to pick-up or drop off passengers. So the bottom of the boats wear off gradually while going through some wear and tear everyday.
  • painting, to provide a protection coating to the boat. The diving tanks when not handled properly are likely to chip off the paint.
  • service the deck.
  • check the hull for any holes or leaking (very important !).

The annual service of Terumbu was smooth and the maintenance work was finished. She was scheduled to go back into sea the next day, however, something happened during the night which left us speechless.

An unpleasant surprise: a terrible storm in north Lombok

The night of 22-23 January 2019, strong wind and big waves ravaged the coast of north Lombok.

Diving boat after a storm
our boat on the top of the beach after the storm, a tree sopped its moving

Terumbu was on the beach ready to go back into the sea. The big waves moved her along with other boats. The boats hit one another and created a domino effect.

All the boats on the beach or close to the beach were damaged by the storm. Those boats which were secured to a mooring in the deeper area were not damaged.
If Terumbu was moved to her mooring just one day earlier, the damages could have been avoided. Like our other diving boat, Sofia, she wasn’t affected.

A part of the damaged :

Some damaged

Some other boats were in conditions worse than Terumbu :

A short video on the beach in north Lombok after the storm, many boats are damaged and some destroyed.

Another overhaul

Terumbu needed another round of overhaul. We moved her in position for a new service.

Finally, after another round of service, Terumbu is as good as new. She is back in action 15 days later.
Our diving boats are ready to welcome you.

Terumbu our diving boat in north Lombok
Terumbu is ready