Dive center, PADI 5 star in Lombok – Gili islands

New tariff implemented on Marine Conservative Area of the three Gilis. Entry ticket is compulsory for diving in Gili islands

Protected marine area around the Gili islands in Indonesia

On 17th May, we were informed about compulsory entry ticket for diving in Gili islands.

Price of the entry ticket

Rp100,000 per diver.

Our additional responsibilities :

  • to register all our divers (2 times, on-line and manually !)
  • to collect the payment of entry ticket from each and every diver
  • report the registered divers and pay the amount collected to BKKPN office EVERY day .

Validity of the entry ticket

Currently, the amount Rp100,000 apply to per diver, per stay and per dive center.

So, you have to pay again if :

  • you come back to Gili – Sire beach (North-west of Lombok). For example, you go to visit south Lombok, Bali… (somewhere else) and come back to Gili for diving.
  • you change dive center during your stay.

Number of dives

The amount is the same regardless of :

  • number of dives,
  • number of diving days,
  • the level of the divers.
  • diving activities (discover diving, fun dives, courses)

If you dive one time or 10 times, you pay the same amount.

Effective date of the new tariff

We were informed on 17th May.

The official effective date to report and pay is 16th of May.

The first reporting and payments were done on 17th May.

In compliance with the laws, our dive center will collect Rp100,000 from each of our diver.